About Me

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My sole aim is to provide you with a stunning collection of moments in time, captured, to tell a photographic story for you to cherish.

I pride myself on an unobtrusive spontaneous style, thinking of myself not as the photographer there to document your day, but as a guest. This allows me to capture the true essence of your day, from the anticipation in the morning, through to the last dance of the night and all those moments in between. Understanding that every client is different, and accommodating all your needs to ensure that your unique day is just that.

Greg has a natural ability to recognise the most important of intimate moments and family unity; his quick-thinking decisiveness means he can capture these. Working in variety of settings and locations has enabled Greg to cope well with challenging scenarios. This experience means he doesn’t opt for the easy shot, but instead for the shot that has depth and tells the story. His outgoing character makes everyone feel at ease and creates a relaxed environment, allowing original natural images.